Full Solar Kits

Our solar kits include YOUR CHOICE of solar panel and inverter Make and Manufacturer, along with full racking to match your roof type. Additionally, you will be provided with the following BOS (Balance of Solar) necessities, including a combiner box and monitoring essentials.

Pre-Sized Solar Kits

If you already know your system size and the amount of solar panels and inverters that you need, please find some of our most popular pre-sized solar kits below:

Here we’ll list 4 different pre-sized solar kits (image and copy) in the following sizes. <We need to insert the pictures of the kits here (move it up from the bottom of the page). Is it possible to show pictures of accurate kits that show EXACTLY the panels, inverters, and racking that we are installing instead of the pictures used on this page?>

  • 3kW package
  • 5kW package
  • 7kW package
  • 10kW package

Please contact one of our DIY consultants at 855-349-7540 or support@diysolarpower.com to get the process started, as well as to learn more about our add-ons: Energy Storage and Solar Services.

Fully Customized Solar Kits

We offer fully customized solar kits tailored specifically to your energy saving goals, while taking into account adequate roof space on your property. We will, first, assist you by helping identify the number of panels and inverters you may need to offset your current electricity bill and meet your energy goals From there, we will provide you with a preliminary diagram of where the panels will go on your roof.

Please contact one of our DIY Consultants to get this process started, as well as to learn more about our add-ons: Energy Storage <hyperlink> and Solar Services <hyperlink>.

124 products found in Full Solar Kits

4.725kW Hanwha Solar Kit
  • $7,026.78
5.040kW Hanwha Solar Kit
  • $7,415.72
5.355kW Hanwha Solar Kit
  • $7,804.66
5.670kW Hanwha Solar Kit
  • $8,193.59
5.985kW Hanwha Solar Kit
  • $8,582.53
6.300kW Hanwha Solar Kit
  • $8,971.47
6.615kW Hanwha Solar Kit
  • $9,360.41
6.930kW Hanwha Solar Kit
  • $9,749.35
7.245kW Hanwha Solar Kit
  • $10,138.28
7.560kW Hanwha Solar Kit
  • $10,527.22
7.875kW Hanwha Solar Kit
  • $10,916.16
8.190kW Hanwha Solar Kit
  • $11,305.10
8.505kW Hanwha Solar Kit
  • $11,694.04
8.820kW Hanwha Solar Kit
  • $12,082.98
9.135kW Hanwha Solar Kit
  • $12,471.91
9.450kW Hanwha Solar Kit
  • $12,860.85
9.765kW Hanwha Solar Kit
  • $13,249.79
10.080kW Hanwha Solar Kit
  • $13,638.73