A solar racking system secures solar panels and inverters to a variety of surfaces including roofs, buildings, and the ground. The equipment is built to be easily installed onto most existing rooftops, however, there are a few roofing types that might require retrofit.

Take a look at a few common roof types for which we have mounting solutions available. If you have multiple types of roofing or roofing that is not shown here, please be sure to consult with one of our DIY Solar Power experts or specify this when you Build Your System.

We strongly advise that you take full advantage of our Solar Services. Included in this package is our site survey, which will confirm your roof type and ensure the corresponding solar racking attachment needed for your system has been ordered. The shade analysis report will also advise you on optimal orientation and correct placement of your solar racking system on your roof.

UNIRAC Solar Racking

Given their 20 plus years in the industry, Unirac provides the most innovative and reliable solutions as well as a 25-year product warranty, which is why we have chosen them as our primary provider of racking.



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