Enphase IQ Combiner


IQ Combiner 3C is Enphase Energy’s third generation combiner box which offers the latest and greatest technology that is on the market today. This product incorporates many upgraded features from its predecessor, which will offer you the most seamless experience in the industry. Some of these features include:


  • Equipped with a LTE-M cellmodem and 5 year data plan
  • Includes high quality industry standard, off-the-shelf Eaton BR breakers
  • Supports side and rear conduit entry 
  • Comes with up to four 2-pole branch cirucuits for 240 VAC plug-in breakers (not included)
  • A reduction in the total size of the combiner box compared to its previous combiner box
  • 80A of total PV or storage branch circuits


With all this taken into account and because monitoring is such an integral part of your longevity, all DIY Solar Power Solar Systems come equipped with Enpahse IQ Combiner.