DIY Solar Power is here to help! We offer the best solar products at the very best prices. We provide top tier DIY Kits, which include Solar Panels, Inverters, Racking, Monitoring and the option to choose Solar Services and electrical installation, along with the guidance you need to support your self-installation.

Customized Solar Kits

We offer a FREE consultation for your fully customized DIY Solar Kit, tailored specifically to your energy saving goals, while taking into account adequate roof space on your property.


Step 1: Best Solution

Contact one of our DIY Solar Power experts by phone or email to discover what we can offer you. By looking over your most recent 12 month electric utility usage, we can assist you in designing a customized system for your property based on how much of your power bill you would like to offset. You can then select your preferred DIY Kit and choice of solar services as well as electrical installation. If you have already submitted your order through our Builder, one of our DIY Solar Power experts will contact you to verify your details and confirm your order.


Step 2: Fast Shipping

Once you’ve determined exactly what you need for your DIY solar project, our team will put together your custom Solar Kit and prepare it for delivery. Our reliable shipping ensures that you receive exactly what you have ordered quickly and efficiently. A DIY Solar Power expert will confirm that your purchase has been successfully delivered.


Step 3: Get Installed

As soon as you have obtained your permit from your Authority Housing Jurisdiction (AHJ), you or your contractor will be ready for installation! Using both the Solar Kit that you received from us, as well as manufacturer installation guides and videos, you will have everything you need to complete your installation. Still have questions? Contact a DIY Solar Power expert today.

Step 4: Save Money

Upon completing your installation, passing Final Inspection with your AHJ, and receiving Permission to Operate (PTO) from your respective utility company, you will be ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor! After we guide you on how to turn on and operate your newly installed solar system, you will start saving money every month on your electrical bill. You are now a part of our DIY Solar Power family!

DIY Solar Power is here to help! Feel free to contact us via phone or email to discuss your DIY installation needs.

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